Completely supportive and respected my time

Christopher Heberg represented me in a child support case. From day one, he was completely supportive of me. He made sure I knew everything that would happen before it happened. I was always prepared and knew what to expect. He respected my time and did an amazing job of giving me his time as well. He did everything he said he would do. He always responds to emails and calls very quickly. I highly recommend him.

Jodi, Child Support client

From the moment I met him he made me feel comfortable

I live in Massachusetts and needed to find a lawyer out of Rhode Island for my child support case. Well,as you know I hired Chris. People might ask why Chris, from the moment I met him he made me feel comfortable. He explained everything that he would get done…not do but get done. My court date was a month away and during that time he kept in touch weekly and answered my calls when I had a question. Chris got me what I wanted, so Thank you Chris. In closing, he is a great guy with enormous knowledge and experience with the court system.

Mike, Child Support client

Straight forward, honest, and patient

I hired Chris to represent me when my ex took me back to court to increase the amount of money she receives from me. Chris was straight forward, honest, and patient when he explained everything. He is very honest and gave us know false promises, but he did promise I would not get railroaded!!!! He kept his promise. I could not have been happier with Christopher Heberg’s work, and would not hesitate to hire him again…….. All and all a great experience, Thank you Chris!

Joe, spousal support client

Chris was always there to help me see the logical side

During my rather lengthy divorce, I needed a lawyer and a counselor. I needed a lawyer for all of the paperwork, expert knowledge of RI divorce laws and so on and so forth. I needed a counselor to help me remove feelings from the situation and help me see the logical side of things. Separating your feelings from a divorce (specially a very difficult one like mine) is very hard to do.

Chris was there for me from day 1. He handled all the back and forth with the other attorney, he made sure I understood everything that was going on, he filed all of the motions, he encouraged me and my ex to try to workout our issues to come to a fair resolution. After there was an attorney change by my ex, he took it in stride and kept everything moving without delay. But the most important thing he did was keep my feelings of anger or my want for revenge out of the equation. Chris was always there to help me see the logical side. He always returned my phone calls and emails.

Chris was my divorce lawyer and now I understand why the word “counselor” is used to identify lawyers because Chris was definitely my “counselor” too.

William, divorce client

I only wish I sought out his service sooner.

I have been working with Attorney Christopher Heberg for close to a year now and he has been extremely helpful every step of the way. Any questions or concerns I have, he is always quick to respond via phone call or email. He definitely helped make a difficult process smoother with his easy to get along with attitude, productiveness and eagerness to accomplish our goals set. I only wish I sought out his service sooner then I did. I would recommend Attorney Hebert to anyone who wants results and to always be informed, without a doubt!

Christopher, divorce client

Best RI family law attorney by far

Christopher Heberg is an excellent attorney! He handled a case dealing with family matters and I was ecstatic with the results. He is very tenacious, comfortable to work with and will go the distance for you. I was able to get so much information and assistance from Mr. Heberg. I would definitely recommend him as I have worked with other attorneys and he is definitely the best by far.

Wendy, Family Law client

Excellent Attorney

Mr Heberg is s excellent attorney. I was impressed by his professionalism and his determination in using a strong and diplomatic approach in my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Heberg he was prompt in returning my phone calls and he was always there when I needed him.

David, client

Went above and beyond

Mr. Heberg handled my case which was a request to have my daughters last name changed to my last name. I had my daughter in my custody since she was born. She wanted to change her last name to the family last name when she turned 13. Believe it or not, parents still have rights even when they are not actively involved in their childs life and not paying child support. So in my case, I took a shot at it and thought, what if he never finds her father, he is in another country and has no real address… Well Chris found him and had him served with legal paperwork. From this simple name change request, Chris not only won my case, but I also collected two thousand dollars in child support back pay and gained full custody of my daughter. I was always at ease speaking with him because he supported me, he worked hard for me and he believed in my case. My daughter is very happy now and so am I. Chris was always prompt in responding to all of my emails and phone calls.

Cherise, Family Law client

Excellent Lawyer

I was able to observe Mr. Heberg in action during my friend’s very difficult divorce. He was the ultimate professional. He treated my friend with kindness and respect while maintaining a focused and strong approach. He was able to accomplish what was right, fair and just! Nicely done!!!!

Jennifer K, a Divorce client

Phenomenal Divorce Attorney

Christopher Heberg was an absolutely great attorney recommended to me by a friend. He was so professional and accomplished everything and more that he said he would.

I cannot say enough except if you are having divorce issues, do not hesitate to call Chris Heberg.

a divorce client