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Thorough and Insightful Attorney

Attorney Chris Heberg did a tremendous job helping me through the divorce process. He was professional and candid from the first day we met. While divorce is always difficult, Chris provided the guidance and insight necessary to make the situation the best for me.

James, divorce client

Rhode Island Child Custody and Visitation Laws

by Attorney Christopher E. Heberg

Rhode Island recognizes shared legal custody, sole legal custody, shared physical placement and placement with one parent. When a couple files for divorce in R.I., both parents are presumed to be appropriate to share legal custody. Legal custody is not the physical location where a child lives. Legal custody allows both parents to have equal responsibility (and rights) concerning major decisions like medical care, education and religious development.

During stressful and often contentious divorce proceedings, differing ideas about the schooling or religious upbringing of children can surface. Having an attorney can make sure that these discussions and decisions remain on track and comply with the law.

In cases where shared legal custody may not be best for the child, like in cases of abuse or neglect, the Court will often grant one party Sole legal custody, allowing that parent to make a final decisions about the important health and welfare decisions about the child. However, even if you have sole custody, your spouse still has a right to participate in the process. Legal custody is about decision making, it does not deny another their basic parental rights. [Read more…]