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Honest, Knowledgeable Attorney

Mr Heberg is an excellent attorney. He is easy to speak to, listens well and makes suggestions as to what would be best for you in your given situation. He is very prompt whether it’s appointments he makes with you in his office or appearing in court on your behalf. I feel very confident that he knows his business and will always work in your best interest.


Great Divorce Attorney

Christopher Heberg is a professional, confident attorney. He handled my divorce and post divorce issues. Christopher understood how stressful and emotional it was for me to be in a court room, his patients and understanding makes him that much more impressive. Anytime I’ve had a question, or needed advice, he is always there to help me. I made sure when I had to go back to court, that I had Christopher as my attorney, and once again I was taken care of and he gets results.

Kristin, a Child Support

Domestic Violence Laws in Rhode Island

by Attorney Christopher E. Heberg –

In the state of Rhode Island, a person may seek protection under domestic violence laws if they have been caused physical harm or threatened with the intent to be physically harmed, involuntary forced or coerced into a sexual relationship, cyber-stalked or repeatedly harassed by another.

The Rhode Island Family Court handles those cases that occur between the following:

  • People who are or have once been married
  • Individuals that have children together
  • Individuals that are related through marriage or by blood
  • Individuals who live together are have lived together, such as roommates

Most commonly, applicants for restraining orders complain of abuse consisting of actual physical harm, or the intent to commit physical harm against them. It is important to note that even a threat to commit physical harm can be considered domestic abuse rising to the level which would cause a Judge to grant a temporary restraining order.

In addition, stalking and harassing behavior can be considered domestic violence if it is proven that the suspect intended to cause bodily harm or inflict fear to a household member. Repeatedly calling, emailing, or attempting to contact an individual after it was made clear they want contact severed can be considered stalking and harassing and give cause for the Family Court to enter a restraining order. [Read more…]