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What’s the best way to handle the financial aspects of a divorce?

Additional Information:

I have been separated (not legally) from my husband for over a year and half. I live in Barrington and he lives in Bristol. We are both on good terms and share custody of our 2 children.  He currently pays for daycare for our son and I’d like to ask him to help with half of the children’s medical/dental expenses.  We have no assets to split, should we look into mediation?


The absolute best way is to spend an hour sitting with a qualified Divorce attorney who can advise you and discuss your case. You raise issues that probably require a thorough explanation and discussion. Mediation is not always a good option, particularly because someone or both of you will have to hire attorneys after the mediation. The end result is paying three attorneys instead of two. [Read more…]

Can my IRA in Rhode Island be garnished to back pay child support in Florida?


Your IRA probably can not be garnished. Most tax qualified retirement assets are protected from Judgments and garnishments. An order for child support would fall under this rule. You should be ok. [Read more…]