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Attorney Christopher Heberg is an experienced Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer, and Family Law Attorney. And although he does encourage settlement and compromise‚ there are frequently instances where an agreement simply cannot be reached.
Christopher E. Heberg
That is when you need an aggressive litigation lawyer who knows Rhode Island law at your side to vigorously protect your rights. Attorney Heberg's experience and expertise rivals that of even the largest and most well–established family law and divorce firms in Providence as well as the State of Rhode Island.

Serving Greater Providence and all of Rhode Island

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Rhode Island family law and divorce lawyer Attorney Heberg serves individuals and families in the Providence, RI region including Cranston, Coventry, Cumberland, East Greenwich, East Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, North Kingstown, North Providence, Pawtucket, Riverside, Smithfield, Warwick, West Warwick, Warren, Woonsocket, Bristol and Barrington, Rhode Island.

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In the state of Rhode Island, a person may seek protection under domestic violence laws if they have been caused physical harm or threatened with the intent to be physically harmed, involuntary forced or coerced into a sexual relationship, cyber-stalked or repeatedly harassed by another. The Rhode Island Family Court handles those cases that occur […]

How can you best coparent your children with your Ex?

Co-parenting is a concept not a legal term, and relates to how parents effectively parent together for the child or children after divorce or separation. It can range from minor decisions to major decisions like what extra-curricular activities are my children going to partake in? What health decisions are made for the children. What religious […]

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